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Heavy duty bearings with high rigidity bearing selection distinction

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Heavy bearing on the application , the work must be combined with heavy bearing characteristics to consider. Often work in a high load bearing stress state , and the bearing of high stress is sensitive to all aspects of applied technology have sought to reduce the bearing stress , and stress is very slow to prolong bearing life. Such high loads in the axial position allows the machine under the conditions of the original use of a single pivot bearing multiplication of two to bear radial load, but despite uneven load impact in the same work conditions, the fulcrum two bearing life than the original single bearing each case , is expected to increase much more than twice as much. In fact, in heavy machinery often use more than one in a pivot bearing or columns bearing radial load to bear .

1 . With heavy bearing , clearance and lubrication

With heavy bearing , clearance and lubrication must be unified into account.

To mitigate the stress load bearing hope thick film lubricant , so biased with a relatively high viscosity or a high viscosity lubricant oil as the base oil grease, while also want to ensure good lubrication condition, Since the friction torque caused by the lubricant viscosity is not too high .

Heavy bearing rotating rings interference than ordinary circumstances large , which may raceway deformation even have an adverse impact bearing life , and therefore possible , hoping to reduce the amount of interference appropriate , which requires lower mating surface roughness , while maintaining normal lubrication , because in case of failure of lubrication , under heavy raceway surface friction torque is too large to make the mating surface creeping trend strengthened, even slipping phenomenon , although these phenomena occurred in the outer ring, - but serious the inner ring is also inevitable . Note that the outer ring should occur with the actual gap is too large , so as not to penetrate the surface of the oil , to promote the occurrence of slip , and the ferrule easily deformed , reducing the load bearing area.

Only prudent to take effective measures before allowing the appropriate reduction in heavy-duty bearings with interference , and the amount of interference , although a slight decrease in the improvement of the bearing stress state are greater , of course , the greater the benefits of thick film .

Because under heavy rolling bearing surface contact area, with tight ring volume and large deformation close , so usually bearing clearance also made larger .

2 . Designed to improve the bearing from the host Conditions of Use

Host all shaft drive chain should take appropriate higher speeds until further to drive to work when the spindle speed , and left spindle bearing mounting member also should be larger , easy to use larger bearings, these bearings are on favorable .


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