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Aligning ball bearings TIMKEN necessary for the operation and maintenance is important

Date锛2013-06-24 16:34:37

     TIMKEN bearing grease is usually apparent viscosity or viscosity similar to that in the description of the viscosity of the grease, you must specify the temperature and shear rate. Similar indicators can be used to control the viscosity of low temperature fluidity and pumpability.

     Aligning ball bearing grease to measure temperature performance is one of the important indicators of low torque, ie at low temperatures (-20 ° c less) rotation of the bearing grease blocking low degree of liquidity, low temperature grease transfer torque from the start Moments after the torque and rotational 60mm average representation.

     Evaporation TIMKEN bearing grease (degrees) that grease in the long-term use under high temperature conditions, the extent of volatile oil grease, the smaller the better evaporation. Grease lubricant evaporation depends on the nature and composition of fractions.

     Oxidation stability is in long-term storage or long-term grease when used under high heat resistance and oxygen role in maintaining a permanent change in the nature of capacity does not occur. Due to oxidation, reduction or tend to occur free alkali content of free organic acid content increases, the drop point decline, the appearance of darker, appear different odor, consistency, strength limit, similar to the viscosity decreases, and destruction of corrosion products generated grease structure substances, resulting soap oil separation. Therefore, in the long-term storage grease, should be stored in dry and ventilated environment, prevent sun exposure, and should be regularly checked the free base or free acid, corrosive and other changes in the project in order to ensure its quality and performance.

     Depending on the location and conditions of use and environmental conditions select size, accuracy, with the appropriate TIMKEN bearings are self-aligning ball bearings to ensure longevity and reliability of the premise.
Using the site: aligning ball bearings for radial load mainly radial and axial joint load, usually paired with two sets of TIMKEN bearings, primarily in the automotive front and rear wheels, active bevel gears, differential device, reducer and other transmission parts.

     Allowed speed: install properly oiled environment, allowing the bearing to 0.3-0.5 times the speed limit. Under normal circumstances, at 0.2 times the speed limit is most appropriate.

     Allow tilt angle: aligning ball bearings are generally not allowed axis relative to shell hole, if inclined, the maximum does not exceed 2 ′.

     Allowable temperature: in under normal load, and lubricant temperature performance, and adequate lubrication conditions, the general bearing allows the -30 ℃ -150 ℃ of ambient temperatures.

     TIMKEN bearings running at slightly negative clearance, the maximum bearing life. But in fact the best condition to keep the bearings is very difficult to change once certain conditions of use, then a negative clearance increases, resulting in self-aligning ball bearing life significantly decreased or fever. Therefore, usually choose the initial clearance, required running clearance is taken as only slightly greater than zero.


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