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TIMKEN bearing selection with reasonable criteria

Date锛2013-06-24 16:39:25

     1 rolling bearing with to be able to make installation and removal easy, try to make time-saving, labor saving, spending three points;

     2 TIMKEN bearing rings in order to reduce the degree of deformation, and be able to give full play to the bearing capacity of the bearing rings and the best there is good support even by force;

     3 have to adapt to the axial position, within a certain range has the ability to swim, so the free end of the shaft and the bearing must be able TIMKEN bearing hole length change to adapt;
4 There is a ring in its mating surface which can not slide along the tangential direction, so as not to damage the mating surface;

     Grease is used to lubricate the bearings, of course, is better, it is not. Add too much grease bearing is unnecessary, but will increase the friction, the temperature rise. The grease is too small, grease film patch is not strong, make the bearing lubrication condition deteriorated. Thus, determining the appropriate TIMKEN bearing grease filling quantity is very important. LNSERTED ball bearing grease fill quantity in general refer to the following principles:   (1) The viscosity of the lubricating oil film formation of the fundamental factors. In the rotational speed, the load and temperature conditions are not too high, the choice of medium viscosity lubricant. In the heavy-duty, low-speed and high temperature conditions, the choice of high-viscosity oil or add oil pressure and antiwear agents. At low loads, high speed and low temperature conditions, use low viscosity oil.   (2) in a wide temperature range, light loads and high speeds, as well as other special requirements of conditions, the choice of synthetic lubricants.   (3) to engine oil, for example, choose the appropriate viscosity and high viscosity index, so that not only has enough oil to keep the engine at high temperature viscosity lubrication and sealing operation, but also at low temperatures there is small enough to ensure that the viscosity cold start performance. Viscosity is typically selected by temperature conditions, but also consider the level of load, speed or engine wear size and other factors.


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