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TIMKEN forklift bearing cage material importance for stable operation

Date锛2013-06-24 16:40:09

     TIMKEN bearing life affecting a key factor for many of rotating machinery products, their life depends on many products in key parts of the forklift bearing component life. "Maintenance" refers to the bearing bearing is not damaged or fail but never in a certain period of time will not be damaged. Here designers are calculated bearing life bearing life is greater than or equal to overhaul cycle of mechanical products such as bearings can be "maintenance-free" products in the mechanical overhaul its replacement with a new forklift bearings can be used without the need for TIMKEN bearings for maintenance.

     1) must have a corrosion resistance in the case, since the retainer does not require special high hardness, the austenitic stainless steel may be used, but the most frequently used 0Cr18Ni9 steel;

     2) in high temperature applications, but also having a sufficiently high strength austenitic stainless steel;

     3) When a particular need to improve the strength of the cage, you can use low-carbon steel plate carbonitriding surface treatment;

     4) When self-lubricating conditions, the graphite steel cage can be used, or a porous material can be made oil storage cage;

     5) working in a magnetic field, the material may not interfere with the magnetic field required, are not subject to external magnetic fields.

     TIMKEN bearing temperature, generally bearing the external temperature based on speculation. But the use of direct measurement of the truck bearing outer ring hole temperature is more accurate. Bearing temperature gradually increased from the start of operation, typically 1 to 2 hours after the temperature to stabilize. If the bearing bad installation, the temperature will soar, abnormal high temperature. The reason such as too much lubricant, forklift bearing clearance is too small, poor installation, seal friction and too big. The case of high-speed rotation, the bearing structure, the choice of lubrication is the cause of the error.
With pre-greased bearings TIMKEN the sealed grease filling sealing method, and the filling amount of grease inside the housing, be supplemented or replaced from time to time for grease filling mode. In addition, there are many forklift bearings require lubrication of machinery, also adopted at the pipe connection to the lubrication grease for centralized way. Grease lubrication grease can be achieved after a long time without filling supplement, and its sealing device structure is relatively simple, so widely used. Oil lubrication is relatively simple. Regular lubrication can improve TIMKEN bearing life.


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