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TIMKEN bearings extend life-saving measures

Date锛2013-06-24 16:41:11

     1 Installation: TIMKEN bearings are correctly installed, affecting accuracy, longevity, performance. Therefore, the design and installation of the bearing assembly department to be adequately studied. Therefore, we should strictly follow when installing the bearing bearing installation steps for installation to prevent damage to the bearing bring.

     2 alignment, alignment: In TIMKEN bearings after installation, if not carefully for alignment, alignment may lead to additional load bearing suffering, friction and vibration. These may accelerate fatigue and reduce bearing life, and may damage other machine parts lifespan. In addition, the increased vibration and friction may significantly increase energy consumption and risk of premature failure.

     3 Monitoring: During use, often the basic operation of TIMKEN bearings for monitoring external conditions, such as temperature, vibration and noise measurements, and so on. These regular inspections will identify potential problems and prevent unexpected machine stop, so that production plans are realized, to improve plant productivity and efficiency.

     4 re-lubrication: In the course of the operation, the bearing requires correct re-lubrication, perfect its performance. Bearing lubrication methods, divided into grease and oil lubrication. In order to make a good play TIMKEN bearing function, first select the appropriate conditions of use, purpose of use lubrication method. Only consider lubrication, oil lubrication dominant.

     5 Remove: When TIMKEN bearings will reach its end-use period of time, it should be replaced. Although TIMKEN bearings can no longer be used, but the right to remove the original bearing, and timely replacement of new bearings, new bearings for extended life can play a good role in promoting.

     (1) of the bearing sleeve circle, diameter rescue

     First, the presence of the defect part (asymmetric type) accurate measurement of the dimensions, where the calculated minimum grinding capacity (to the finished size of the grinding capacity deviation) M, and then grinding the parts center offset ( defect toward the direction of increasing offset grinding capacity), the maximum offset of M / 2, that the relative increase of the defect at the grinding capacity, focus grinding.

     (2) on the ferrule, outer raceway rescue

     Bearing ring grinding design basis for the inner or outer diameter, that is, first grinding inside (outside) diameter after grinding raceway, within circle, for example, if the inner raceway asymmetric type defects exist, you need to accurately measure the Parts diameter size, and calculate the maximum amount of M and grinding inner raceway defect maximum grinding capacity M1. When M1 <M when the grinding required when the inner diameter of center shift, the maximum offset of M1 / ​​2, which give the processing of the inner raceway diameter of the defect in advance the amount of relative increase in grinding, internal grinding, and then raceway, its focus will be grinding defects, scrap was saved. When M1 ≥ M, the normal grinding mill can not afford, according to the situation can be (a) section describes the method to save.

     Center offset method is used to ensure the parts grinding hardness, case depth under the premise of the total offset can not be completed in a single shift grinding, grinding generally divided into several times, that is, through the offset test Grinding - Measurement - Adjust Offset - try to complete the iterative process of grinding, to be worn defects, re-alignment, the normal grinding correction ovality. This method is less efficient, but requires the operator to have a higher level of technology, but in the stand-alone, single-piece production using this method to save a high success rate, not to delay the production schedule. After several years of proven good effect.


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