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INA Bearing speed vibration solving skills

Date锛2013-06-24 17:06:00

     INA bearings can achieve a speed limit. Typically depends on the material of the lubricant and bearing components can reach operating temperature.

     Bearing operating temperature is reached when the speed limit, depending on the bearing rolling friction heat generated due (including any other external heat) and how much heat can be taken away from the bearing.

     INA Bearing type and size of the internal structure to withstand the load, lubrication and cooling conditions, the cage structure, manufacturing of such precision and clearance of the bearing to achieve speed has a certain influence.

     In the related products listed in the table are usually two different definitions of rated speed; reference speed (with the heat on) and the limit speed (with the physical structure of), both of which are based on different considerations given parameters.

     Most of the INA bearing damage for many reasons, such as beyond the original estimate of the load, non-effective sealing, tight fit caused by too small bearing clearance and so on. Any one of these factors are factors that damage type has its unique and special damage will leave traces. Therefore, to view damaged shaft bearing, in most cases you can find its probable causes.

     Generally speaking, a third of the INA bearing damage due to fatigue damage, arising out of the other one-third of poor lubrication, the other one-third of contaminants into the bearing arising out of improper handling or installation. However, these types of damage are not related with the industry. For example, the pulp and paper industry is mostly due to poor lubrication or bearing damage caused by pollution and not due to material fatigue.


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