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INA bearings with assembly considerations

Date锛2013-06-24 17:06:49

     Bearings factors mainly refers to the installation and adjustment, use and maintenance, repair and other maintenance meets the technical requirements. According to INA Bearing installation, use, maintenance, maintenance of the technical requirements for operation of the INA bearings to withstand load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication condition monitoring and inspection, abnormal immediately find reasons to adjust, back to normal. Installation conditions are the primary factors that one of the factors bearing is often caused by improper installation package bearing force between the various parts of the state change, bearing in abnormal state of operation and early life of the inner end of the main factors refers to the structural design, quality manufacturing processes and materials of the three factors that determine the quality of the bearing.

     1, the bearing clearance choice: users buy bearings generally only advise on what type, grade, rarely will the bearing clearance requests, business people must ask what the conditions of use of INA bearings, INA bearings in which the speed of , temperature tolerances are directly related to the choice of bearing clearance. Usually in the 3500 r / min rotational speed of the motor they use the CM clearance, such as high-speed motor requires a relatively large clearance. Bearing clearance in the assembly because of swollen and bore cylindrical narrowing caused by reduced clearance reduction amount = amount of interference × 60% (except aluminum bearing chamber). Such as bearing assembly before clearance is 0.01mm, the amount of interference during assembly of 0.01mm, the bearing clearance after assembly is 0.004mm. In theory, the bearing clearance at zero noise and life will achieve the best state, but in the actual operation taking into account the temperature and so on, the bearing clearance in the assembly preferably is 0.002mm-0.004mm.

     2, oil of choice: the choice of grease is generally under INA bearing speed, temperature conditions, noise requirements and other aspects of starting torque selection, requiring a variety of oils and fats business staff performance very understanding.

     3 Bearing choice: bearing type is normally provided by the user of the technical staff supporting the use of the product according to the conditions and bear the load for INA Bearing choose. Main business personnel to understand the user's actual load is consistent with the selected bearings, cylindrical roller bearings if not up to the requirements, you should advise clients to re-election as soon as possible models, but unless special products in the choice of models is generally not a problem.

     4, bearing seal type selection: INA bearing lubrication oil lubrication and grease can be divided. Oil lubricated bearings are generally used form of bearings, INA bearings greased generally used shields or rubber seals seal. Dust cover for high temperature or environment good parts, seals of contact seals and non-contact sealing, the contact seal dustproof performance is good but the starting torque, non-fit seal starting torque is small, but the sealing performance No contact is good.


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