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How to select the type of bearings

Date锛2013-08-27 9:30:23

Select the bearing type, bearing fully grasp the conditions of use is essential. The following table lists the main analysis items:
1) bearing the mounting space in the bearing installation space can accommodate a bearing shaft due to the design type by focusing on the rigidity and strength of the shaft, it is generally first determine the shaft, the bearing diameter. But bearing a variety of sizes and types of series, should choose the most suitable bearing type.
2) Load bearing load size, direction and nature of [the load bearing capacity of a basic rated load, said its value in the bearing dimension table] bearing load full of changes, such as the size of the load, whether only radial load, axial load is one-way or two-way, and so the degree of vibration or shock. After considering these factors, again select the most suitable bearing type.
3) Speed can adapt to mechanical speed bearing types [bearing speed limit value basis using the speed limit, said its value in the bearing dimension table] bearing speed limit not only take on the bearing type is also limited to the bearing size, cage type, accuracy class , load conditions and lubrication methods, therefore, must be considered when selecting these factors.
4) with the required precision rotation rotation precision bearing types [bearing dimensional accuracy and precision rotation by bearing type has been standardized GB] machine tool spindles, respectively, gas turbine and control the machine requires high rotational accuracy, high speed and low friction, which should be used when more than five precision bearings.
5) Just performance to meet the required mechanical rigidity of the bearing shaft type [bearings under load, the rolling element and raceway contact portion is elastically deformed. "High rigidity" refers to the amount of deformation that the elastic deformation is small] in the machine spindle and the last stage deceleration devices, automotive parts, to improve the rigidity of the shaft must also improve the bearing stiffness. Roller bearings under load deformation born smaller than ball bearings. The bearing preload (negative clearance) can improve rigidity. This method is suitable for angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.
6) The inner and outer rings relative inclination of the bearing inner and outer rings relative inclination produced factors (such as deflection caused by the load shaft, the shaft and the housing or the installation error in accuracy), and choose to adapt this Conditions of Use bearing type. If the inner and outer rings relative inclination is too large, due to an internal load bearing damage. So should choose can withstand this tilt bearing type.
7) Installation and removal of detachable periodic inspection frequency and method of assembly and disassembly frequent disassembly, use separable inner ring and outer ring cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings and tapered roller bearings is more convenient. Tapered hole aligning ball bearings and tapered bore spherical roller bearings through the use of fasteners or withdrawal sleeve facilitates assembly and disassembly.


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