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Ever higher, ever the importance of angular contact ball bearing must be carefully checked

Date锛2013-08-28 9:59:11

Use a variety of mechanical equipment for rolling bearings, angular contact ball bearings of conditions required by the increasingly stringent market requirements of equipment and other property, are becoming increasingly diverse. From a large number of structures, sizes, choose the most suitable bearing requires a different point of view. Bearing selection, generally considered as a bearing, easy installation and removal arrangements, bearings, dimensions and bearings market, such as space permits, general decisions bearing structure. Using various mechanical design life and a variety of durable bearing comparative study of limit bearing while deciding the bearing size. In the choice of angular contact ball bearings, bearing tend to believe that the grease life in Aging, fatigue life of oil, abrasion resistance, low noise, also need to study.
In addition, depending on the type of use, it is necessary to select the accuracy, clearance, cage structure, grease and other requirements, special design bearings. However, selection of bearing any order, rule, priority is given to conditions required for angular contact ball bearings, performance, and related issues, in particular the practical. As long as it remains intact as much as possible of the original properties of the bearing to maintain, maintenance, in the first place, in order to prevent accidents to ensure operational reliability, productivity and economy. Appropriate operation and maintenance standards, regularly, the best conditions. Including monitor running, supplement or replace lubricants, periodically check cleared. As a matter of maintenance operations, rotation of the angular contact ball bearing, vibration, temperature, lubrication conditions, and so on.
Bearing cleaning: remove bearing repair, first documented under the appearance of angular contact ball bearings, confirming residual quantity of lubricant, sampling inspection after use of lubricant, clean the bearings. As a cleaning agent, generally using gasoline, kerosene. Remove bearing cleaning, washing and finishing wash thick, is placed in a container, metal bottom of the first, making direct contact with angular contact ball bearings of the dirt container. Coarse wash, if the bearings rotate dirt, damaged bearing rolling surface, it should be noted. Crude oil washing, brush with a brush to remove grease, adhesive materials, General cleaning, washing into fines. Intensive wash wash oil on one side of the bearing is turning and carefully cleaned. In addition, clean the oil must be kept clean.
Bearing maintenance and judgment: determines whether it can be used to clean bearings to dismount. Check the Raceway Raceway, surface condition, cage wear, clearance of angular contact ball bearings and precision improved, has nothing to do damage, the exception. Non-separable small ball bearings, the inner ring, the level of support with one hand, rotate the outer ring to confirm successful. Separation of tapered roller bearings bearings, you can roll the body, outer ring raceway surface were examined. Large bearings, because they can't rotate it by hand, check rolling body Raceway, cage, walls, such as appearance, high importance of angular contact ball bearings, to examine more closely.



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