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Detailed rules bearing code number

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Bearing code is another three parts, pre- Code + basic code + post code , each of these three sections have different meanings , following on to briefly explain the bearing code number of the rules .
1 . Bearing Prefix Prefix used to indicate the bearing subassembly with letters. If L is separable bearings with separable rings ; K represents the bearing rolling elements and cage assembly and so on.
The practical application of the rolling bearing type is many, the corresponding bearing code is more complex . Described above code is the most basic bearing code , the most commonly used part , familiar with this part of the code , you can choose to identify and investigate common bearings.
2 . Basic code ( type code , dimension series code , ID code ) basic code used to indicate the bearing bore diameter series, the width of the series and type , generally up to five numbers , first described as follows :
1 ) bearing bore from the right with the basic code first , H digits . Of the common diameter d = 20 ~ 480mm inner diameter of the bearing is generally a multiple of 5 , the two numbers indicate the inner diameter of the bearing to the quotient divided by 5 , 04 such that d = 20mm; 12 so that d = 60mm . The inner diameter of 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 17mm bearings, inner code in order to 00,01,02 and 03 . For less than 10mm diameter and greater than 500mm bearings, inner representation otherwise, can be found GB/T272-93.
2 ) The diameter of the bearing series ( ie, the same structure, the same inner diameter of the bearing outside diameter and width in the change series ) with a basic code the third digit from the right . For example, for radial bearings and thrust bearings to the heart , 0,1 indicates special light series ; 2 represents light series ; 3 shows the series ; 4 represents heavy series . Comparison between the size of the series as shown below. In addition to using a thrust bearing expressed special light series , the other with radial bearings expressed unanimous .
3 ) The width of the bearing series ( ie structure , diameter and the diameter of the bearing width series are the same aspects of change series ) fourth from the right with the basic code digits . Figure 13-4 when the width of the line as a comparison of diameter series 0 Series ( normal range ) when , for most bearing width in the designation may mark the series code O, but for self-aligning roller bearings and tapered roller bearings, width series Code 0 shall be marked . Diameter series code and width series code referred to as the dimension series code .
4 ) bearing type code from the right with the basic code fifth digit ( for cylindrical roller bearings and needle roller bearings and other types of code letters ) .
3 . Post code bearing the post code is expressed with letters and numbers bearing structure , tolerances and materials special requirements, etc. Post code a lot of content , here are a few commonly used code .
A ) the internal structure of code is the same type of bearing different internal structure , the basic code followed by the letters represent . Such as : contact angle of 15 °, 25 ° and 40 ° of angular contact ball bearings were used C, AC and B represent different internal structure .
2 ) bearing tolerance class is divided into 2 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 6X -level and 0 of 6 levels , followed by the senior to lower its code-named / PZ, / P4, / PS, / P6, / P6X and / PO. Tolerance level in , 6X grade applies only to tapered roller bearings ; 0 for the general level , the wheel does not mark the order code .
3 ) common bearing radial clearance series is divided into a group 2 , 0 , group 3 , 4 and 5 groups of 6 groups were small to large radial clearance . o group of clearance is commonly used groups of clearance in the bearing code is not marked , the rest of the code in the bearing clearance groups , respectively, with / CI, / CZ, / C3, / C4, / CS representation .


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