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Rolling cause injury situation

Date锛2013-09-17 9:40:02

Rolling demolition inspection, it can be judged according to bearing damage and damage to the cause of bearing failure.

1 bearing burns

Burn bearing its raceway, rolling on the temper color. The reason is usually burns insufficient lubrication, oil quality does not meet the requirements or deterioration, and bearing assembly too tight and so on.

2 plastic deformation

Bearing raceway and roller contact surface of the uneven pits, plastic deformation of the bearings described. The reason is that a large static load bearing or impact loads, the working surface of the local stress exceeds the material yield limit, which generally occurs in low-speed rotation of the bearing.

3 heavy wear seat ring raceway

Block circle may be falling into foreign body, inadequate lubrication or oil grades inappropriate.

4 bearing ring crack

Bearing ring cracks may be due to bearings with tight, loose bearing foreign or inner bearing deformation inclusiveness, installation of bearings and poor surface finish.

5 cage fragmentation

The reason is lack of bearing lubrication, rolling broken seat skew and so on.

6 metal adhesion of the cage on the rolling elements

Possible causes the rolling body is within the card in the holder or insufficient lubrication.

7 surface metal raceway spalling

Bearing rolling elements and the inner and outer raceway surfaces are exposed to periodic pulsating action of the load, resulting in a periodic variation of contact stress. When stress cycles reaches a certain value, the rolling elements or inner, outer ring raceway fatigue spalling on the work surface. If the bearing load is too large, this fatigue worse. In addition, the bearing is not properly installed, the shaft bent, will produce raceway spalling.

Bearing raceway fatigue spalling will reduce shaft running accuracy, enables organizations to happen vibration and noise.


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