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SKF Bearing assembly

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Sliding bearings with large carrying capacity , smooth, vibration noise , etc. . But friction , easy to heat, or even burst axis , maintenance and repair more complex , so as rolling bearings are widely used .
Bearing assembly requirements are: the shaft and the bearing surface contact with the viscosity should reach the required standard ; with the clearance requirements, working conditions will not heat burn shaft or bearing ; lubricant channel position to be correct, clear, to ensure adequate lubrication.
1, the overall sliding bearing assembly
Known as integral sliding bearing bushings . The assembly steps are:
  pressed into a sleeve : When sleeve size and the amount of interference are small , they can cushion pad on the hub with a hammer directly typing . To prevent bushings skew, guide sleeve can be used to control the direction pressed into the sleeve . Clamping thin-walled sleeve , can be used spindle orientation. When the size or larger amount of interference shall be pressed into the press or the sleeve onto the tensioning tools .
    Pressed into the bearing must be deburred , cleaned the mating surfaces coated well after oil . Without shoulder sleeve , when pressed into the base after the end face is flush with the chassis holes . To be aligned with the hole of the sleeve hole on the base station , the surface of the sleeve can draw a line through the center hole , press-fitting hole aligned box .
b sleeve positioning: pressed into the sleeve , the sleeve of the load larger , with set screw or pin to secure .
c trim sleeve hole : bearings pressed into the back , which often changes the hole , with the diameter of dial indicator test , according to how much the amount of deformation , the use of hinge holes or scraping trimming method , the gap between the sleeve and the journal and contact points meet the requirements .
2 , split bearing assembly
Split bearing structure consists of bearing, upper bearing and lower bearing, bearing caps, studs , nuts and shims components. Change shims to adjust the gap between the bearing and the shaft . When bearing wear after wear according to thinning of shims to make bearing and shaft to maintain proper clearance .
Assembly , require close contact with the bearing pad back . For the thick bush , you can use the coloring method test fit and to conduct scraping , scraping should be to bore as a benchmark, repair scratch pad back . For thin-walled bearing can not scratch repair , the need for matching required bearing diameter in the free state is slightly larger than bore diameter , so a certain amount of expansion . Load bearing bore , its subdivision surface should be higher than the bearing plane 0.05-0.1mm, in order to achieve a close fit .
Bearing assembly methods: wood mat in the bush part of the surface , and bearing note to be symmetrical on both sides , and then with a wooden hammer blow pieces of wood, so that bearing into the bearing seat hole in the bush with shaving points coarse and fine scraping two steps . Rough scraping when preparing a smaller diameter than the real axis of 0.03-0.05mm research process axis point ; rough after scraping , with appropriate gaskets , mounted aiming axis research points to fine scraping . Fine scraping when installed at each bearing cover, slightly pull the nut with a wooden hammer evenly to the top of the bearing cap percussion few , the purpose is to better position the bearing cap and tighten all nuts , tightening torque size should be consistent. After scraping thick shaft in the bush should be gently rotated , and no obvious gap , the contact point to meet the requirements , you can remove the bush , after washing reload .
Hole in the bush here , both in the circumferential direction or the axial direction are allowed to have displaced the common pin and the bush to locate the projection .
In summary, the choice of plain bearings to matching according to actual needs , as more types of bearings , installation, be careful, according to the precision required to install in order to achieve the best results .


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